Freedom tree case study: Flipping for a decade

Team members

Raageshwari Kandaswamy | Shreya Dhar | Sindhura Padakandla | Maitreyi Mandrekar | Reshma Tomy

| Brief: A Decade in Design

How will we end off the year and maybe even document Freedom Tree? Our beginnings, team, journey, design resources? The project travels through how the brand completed a decade in a design and evolution of themes and concepts.

| About Freedom Tree

“ Based in the gritty industrial heart of Mumbai, Freedom Tree is a Design and Color strategy studio. Our niche consulting practice has grown into joyous home stores in Bengaluru, Goa, Mumbai, and an online presence. We bring to you, versatile pieces that celebrate the modern Indian sensibility that has a global appeal.”

About Freedom Tree

| Concept exploration

To come up with a theme and impactful concept for the publishing design, we explored several concepts :

Concept 1 : Reflection

Concept 2 : Freedom of Expression

Concept 3 : The Germination of Freedom Tree

Concept 4 : Story time with Freedom Tree


The team and Freedom tree collectively went for Freedom of expression as it would be the best medium to document the life of the Freedom tree.

Freedom of Expression

Freedom Tree celebrates freedom of expression, freedom of thought, and freedom of being you. The feeling translates in the striking designs, vivid colors, and eye-catching patterns that travel seamlessly across multiple surfaces and elements.
Hence, ‘Freedom of Expression’ is about celebrating the craziest of emotions while bursting with passion. This made us wonder if we could bring the concept into a publication. Why do pages of a book have to follow a rule?
Can Freedom of expression move seamlessly across the pages of the book?

The content and the Concept

The concept topics were built according to the comments and reviews that were left by the customers after rummaging intensely through Freedom Tree’s social media and pages of Google search. The adjectives that caught our eye were highlighted, segregated according to categories, and then shortlisted to the top ten concept ideas we found befitting in the context of the brief.


We noticed that Freedom Tree has a poetic tone of voice when talking about its brand, in their blog, and while communicating to their audience about their products.
We chose to maintain the same approach as we are aiming to create a product by Freedom Tree.

Shortlisted Concepts

We came up with a list of twenty-two concepts supporting our topic of agglomerating stories told through the lenses of the audience. Many of which were coinciding were combined while some eliminated. By the end of this process, we had ten solid concepts to work upon covering everything that Freedom Tree does, starting from them breathing a new life into user’s space to a climactic timeless end.

  1. Breathing a new life
  2. A Storytelling masterpiece
  3. Tradition meets Trend
  4. A burst of color/ A Feast/Treat to the eyes
  5. Mundane to sublime
  6. A Cheerful Home
  7. Offbeat, unmatched yet the right balance
  8. Going the extra mile
  9. Quaint yet so happening/Mid-century modern/antique
  10. Timeless piece

These were then mailed for feedback and to our relief we got a thumbs up. Now, a reply awaits for approval to one of the multiple concept names as well as content we came up with!

| Book Construction

Making it Handmade

At Freedom Tree, everything is handmade right from the prints to the ceramics and fabrics, all made with extreme precision and skill. So our group was given a suggestion to make the publication representing Freedom Tree’s decade by hand and showing the skills of our group through the paper cutting, painting, and stitching and representing Freedom Tree’s uniqueness through ours.


The book is divided into ten sections for ten years of Freedom Tree. Each section talks about different kinds of experiences customers had while exploring what Freedom tree has to offer for their homes.
Keeping the theme of ‘Freedom of Expression’ in mind, each section explores each experience in its own direction, with no limits to the kind of materials used.
Instead of a pure digital print, the book would largely be made of a combination of printed elements as well as physical material including fabrics, threads, paint, wood, seed paper and so much more.
Using a combination of physical and digital elements helps to better represent the contemporary as well as a bold and eclectic image of Freedom Tree.

The sections will be bound together using a kettle stitch bind. The method of hand binding the book will create the emotions of reading an old story.

| Content Description

1.Breathing a new life (A6 size)

Breathing a new and fresh life for home décor Freedom tree is like the earthy smell before the rains. Freedom Tree has grown from a seed to a tree in a decade (2010–2020). A seed is a messenger of the past and holds the promise of tomorrow. Freedom Tree has grown from a seed to a seed collection (2020).

2.A Storytelling Masterpiece(A6 size)

Through the juxtaposition of the real threads on top of the story piece by us, we depict how Freedom Tree inculcates a very unique and personal style of storytelling through their products. The Cut panels inside would narrate their story in parts and when combined together, it will form the entire world of storytelling that Freedom Tree has woven so intricately with their thread of illustrations, content, and products.

3.Contemporary Folklore

This concept talks about how Freedom Tree inspired by historical locations and traditions. The idea is to use Cloisonne art with Freedom Tree’s prints from Under the Southern Sun collection, to combine the traditional aspect along with contemporary colors and patterns, which is very much in tune with Freedom Tree’s design language

4.Medley of Colours

This concept portrays the colorful collections inspired by nature. The concept quenches one’s thirst for colors and freedom to the soul. The eight holes are the peeping hole to the world of colors and one that opens it looks like small embroidered patterns of various colors. The user who touches the tactile patterns feels away from the noisy world and immerses his senses in touching the threads of colors.

5.Evolution of the Humdrum

Freedom Tree is known for transforming homes and spaces from monotonous walls to a colorful and enriching experience. The pages of this section aim to reflect just like that.

The grey-colored pages represent the dullness of spaces. Each page is cut out to act as a window or a frame for the words. As each page is turned, the section experiences the evolution of Freedom Tree does with space, from something so mundane to colorful and sublime.

6.A Cheerful Home

Freedom Tree makes spaces cheerful and happy. With the colors and patterns of Freedom, Tree home feels more comfortable and safe. This shows how different product of Freedom Tree when come together, make a beautiful space, which is cheerful and comfortable.

7.The Whimsical Route

This concept portrays the offbeat unexpected products we are not used to seeing, in a collage form. The collage looks unconventional and whimsical but different materials come together to weave a design.

8. Going the Extra Mile

Freedom Tree has always had an edge over its competitors and has always been effortless while standing out from the crowd.
The title spilling over the pages expresses the ongoing feeling of being different from the rest. The crowd houses with one house standing out is straightforward and show how the brand has been successful over the years to be distinct.

9. Quaint, yet so Happening

Quaint is nothing but unusual, old-fashioned beauty. Freedom Tree as a brand has always been unusual and somewhat magical (almost fairytale-like), transforming houses over the decade with their beauty.
Trees are always to be found magical. The hand represents creativity and handmade. The hand is growing out of a tree that has just been potted and has a long way to go. The threads and the fabricated patterns are an integral part of the Freedom Tree’s identity. The pot depicts the phrase “melting pot” (Melting pot is a phrase used for a place where mixed together).

10.A Timeless Beauty

Freedom tree strives to be relevant to all its ages, starting from their earliest buyers who might now be sixty years old to their youngest buyers from the generation. A Freedom Tree product never gets old and hence remains ageless.

Also, every design starts from the very basic sketching in monochromes, and the only thing constant throughout the varying ideas, colors and styles is the fact that monochromes remain a binding point and survive through the ravages of time filled with evolving ideas. Monochromes are eternal/timeless and ages like red wine, much like Freedom Tree.

| Final Flatplan and Content

1. Breathing a New Life


“Breathing a new life”
A seed is a messenger of the past and holds the promise of tomorrow.
A seed one decade old,
now, a tree 10 years young.
The seed of color and patterns
now, a tree of beautiful collections,
A timeless tale,
like grandmothers’ storytime,
Nurturing life and celebrating the energy within, with designs that are an ode to nature
and the humble keepers of life

2. A Storytelling Masterpiece


Under the roof of the Southern Sun,
in a land far away,
with undulating lines weaving and
paving a way to strong waves,
Lies a seed.
The seed is sown in Spring,
now promising a canopy of shade for the tigers, It branches dancing to the Earth’s song
and the thread of Flowers blooming, 􀀁􀀂􀀃􀀄􀀅􀀆􀀇􀀈􀀂􀀉􀀃􀀄􀀊􀀃􀀇􀀆􀀋􀀆􀀇􀀆􀀂􀀌􀀆􀀍
Near the wilderness, is another concrete jungle, with smaller settlements. Escaping into the pocket of Greenfields are people cycling and meeting their friends. And when night time strikes,
There’s no sliver of gloom
but only hopes of a cheerful tomorrow,
as they bathe in the glory of the Red moon.
All is well in the land of Narration,
we lovingly call it Freedom Tree.

3. Contemporary Folklore


Ages of stories untold,
Albums of memories passed on.
History lives on through the
colors dancing in our eyes,
While reminiscent beauty strums
on the strings of our hearts.
Gravitating towards an aura of magic, We’re tickled by the mystique of culture, 􀀟􀀁􀀑􀀒􀀈􀀂􀀉􀀃􀀈􀀂􀀃􀀑􀀒􀀆􀀃􀀛􀀁􀀉􀀂􀀈􀀕􀀆􀀂􀀌􀀆􀀃􀀄􀀊􀀃􀀇􀀈􀀌􀀒􀀃􀀊􀀄􀀖􀀓􀀖􀀄􀀇􀀆􀀍
Family wound by tradition
Thoughts enlightened through tradition Contemporary inspired by tradition
Freedom Tree at the pinnacle of culturally inspired creativity.

4. Medley of Colours


It’s the crack of dawn,
I draw my green curtains to the right,
The vigor of life balanced by my cream-stained walls. An orange hue enters, supporting a gracious light.
I love to marry the vivid colors of freshness
when I arrange my breakfast bowl of chocolates, peaches, and lemons.
Vibrant amber throws enveloping my bright
Fuchsia couches, a calming sage,
hinting a life beginning anew in my living’s beige.
The nearby market overpowered by
surprisingly bright colors,
Shine subsumed into everyday simplicity
Experiencing the serendipitous joy of living in a palette, embracing colors every day, with Freedom Tree. At Freedom Tree, the vigor of life is reflected in vivid colors and natural hues.
Folks say a picture speaks louder than words but here at Freedom tree we paint a picture,
capture a moment, a smell, a scene in a
a handful of colors.

5. Evolution of the Humdrum


Tired people, monotonous routines, bland flavor.Stuck on an uninspiring endless loop
Encapsulated by mind-numbing boredom.
A polychromatic thought dances around in our minds. A field of bright flowers doesn't have to be a fantasy. Let the power of color wash over you,
And sing in hues of joy
Pale colors, dry air, mundane existence
Sliding down a desaturated rainbow that seems to drag on for forever.
Maybe that’s the biggest danger of all.
Being scared about evolution.
We dream about an escape from the humdrum of life When life can be celebrated with a confetti cannon
Sometimes a flush of Freedom Tree is all you need to transform
a seemingly dull wall
to a sublime piece of art.

6. A Cheerful Home


A space that I call mine,
my cozy corner in my safe haven,
The colors make me feel more at home,
a home close to nature,
a home I call my space.
The patterns make me nostalgic,
taking me on a journey of beautiful memories, memories close to my heart,
memories I call my space.
I call it my space,
A haven so safe,
it feels comfortable like my mothers’ lap,
just after a tiring day's nap.
A medley of abstract lines, handsome checks, and florals that feel like a warm blanket on a chilly night. Freedom Tree’s impeccable craftsmanship and comforts my space.

7. The Whimsical Route


Offbeat, Unmatched yet the right balance,

we trip to our own tunes

Our dreams carry us to different worlds in

a labyrinth of unconventional art,

a myriad of boundless activities

Come, lets wander onto a whimsical route

8.Going the Extra Mile

Why does the Freedom tree stand out from the crowd? What’s unique about it?
A gentleman once came to our Goa store and said that a store is a happy place,
so I’m going to use his words and say that Freedom Tree is a happy place that is more about the customers than anything else.”
a home is not where you come back to sleep
it’s where you come back to feel alive.
a home is not a place to store your worries,
it’s a place to let your happiness thrive.
So we let your homes be the reason you smile
And for that, we are ready to go the extra mile.

9. Quaint, yet so Happening


Quaint is a small wooden cottage filled with snuggly nooks,

A table cloth your grandma sewed, the dusty, well-loved books. Quaint is a candlelit dinner, quilts on a canopy bed,
an arch of blooming roses high above your head.
Quaint is charming, old-fashioned an echo of days gone by.
The magic of modern life is convenient but quaint shall never die.
At Freedom tree, we make everything handmade and
an object that’s handmade is a gift not replaced,
Entrapping sweet memories, that can’t be erased.
The time and talent that goes into a patterned fabric or thread Are where the real gift lies, Made with two hands and the beauty of one’s eyes.

10. A Timeless Beauty


When we met the spokesperson of Freedom Tree, he said: “We deliver happiness & we achieve it by
repeat orders from our existing customers.”
The quest of delivering an ageless design language through times is representative of who we are,
Be it rooted in a cultural nuance
or the Modern India we are living in.
From a ‘beauty to behold’ for our oldies to
a ‘trendy work of art’ for our youth,
An heirloom for some,
and for many a gallant display,
Striving to provide a piece for life,
We are who we are because,

if we age, we do it like fine wine and yet

We remain young at heart.
A Timeless beauty, indeed.

| Design

1.Breathing a new life

2.A Storytelling masterpiece

3.Tradition meets Trend

4.Medley of colors

5.Mundane to sublime

6.A Cheerful Home

7.The Whimsical route

8.Going the extra mile

9.Quaint yet so happening

10.Timeless piece

| Book cover, Packaging and Binding


As life slowed down in the spring of this year, we found joy in the little things. The world as one looked for escaping the ordinary in little ways, seeking pleasure in the everyday mundane.
The situation that we were unintentionally thrown into forcibly paused our lives and coerced us into taking deep breathes and re-evaluate what really matters. ‘Through the Eyes of You’ is an anthology of ten short stories narrated to take you through our journey of ten glorious years, showcasing what we really are grateful for and what has stood the test of time: the support from our loving customers.
As we close in on a decade of filling your lives with color, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you by crafting this book as a token of gratitude for the continued patronage from your side. All the lovely messages we have received over the decade paved the way and solidified the idea of having a book about what ‘you think of our brand.
Thank you for joining us on our journey of creating spaces that bring you happiness, and contributing to a pivotal role in our growth. Freedom Tree will continue to make sure to bring out the light in your homes with hypnotical stories from around the country through all of our products.



After the booklets were ready, we performed kettle stitch to bind them together.

| Final Look

The design was worked up in terms of what materials could be explored and The design was worked upon in terms of what materials could be explored and how that material could bring forth the same emotion as the content of the book.After reiterating several times, here is the final look of the ten mini books that makes up the publication consolidating ten years if Freedom tree!
Time to celebrate the final look and interesting behind the scene

Check out our portfolio :

Happy Reading!