Team members

Raageshwari Kandaswamy | Shreya Dhar | Sindhura Padakandla | Maitreyi Mandrekar | Reshma Tomy

| Brief: A Decade in Design

How will we end off the year and maybe even document Freedom Tree? Our beginnings, team, journey, design resources? The project travels through how the brand completed a decade in a design and evolution of themes and concepts.

| About Freedom Tree

“ Based in the gritty industrial heart of Mumbai, Freedom Tree is a Design and Color strategy studio. Our niche consulting practice has grown into joyous home stores in Bengaluru, Goa, Mumbai, and an online presence. …

Let's start by introducing the avatars of the team

Team members

Raageshwari Kandaswamy | Shreya Dhar | Sindhura Padakandla | Neha Lahiri | Soha Thakar | Muskan Nahata | Kamal Khan | Khadija Dhariwala | Hashmeet Sahani

Design Process

A train stops at several destinations to reach its destination. And here, we followed a process to come up with a functional approach.

Design Process

| Empathize

About the app


A home food ordering app where people can sell/order home-cooked food and contact potential customers within a locality. A platform that would help individuals with their cooking hobby/ earning income/ wanting to learn or teach how to cook food at home.

Why this app?

| Brief

Konnichiwa’s identity was based upon providing a premium and authentic fusion of Indo-Japanese cuisine catered to millennials who love experimenting. Hence the brief focused on finding a playful and refreshing balance between India as well as Japan and not centering the language towards either one of them. The client wanted the brand's visual identity and the packaging to reflect the same idea of such a warm and fun environment. As a result, the logo was reworked upon, the brand identity, packaging collaterals, and social media were created as our primary goals to exhibit these values.

| About

Konnichiwa is a new Japanese…

Raageshwari K

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